I find inspiration in nature and in bold graphics. I am fascinated by color and by the details of shapes side by side. I am partial to the interaction of light and color and how they are imbued each with the other. I am attracted to the act of physically making; working with my hands yields the peace of mind the I crave. It is a clear way toward organizing and processing the remnants of my childhood and the reality of my present day. I create to add beauty to the world, and, I hope, to entice people to look up from their devices and use more of their senses.”

Jeannie Messing keeps a studio for kiln-formed glasswork in Brooklyn, NY. She holds a BFA in Fiber Arts from Syracuse University. She moved to NYC upon graduating from SU where she designed, made and manufactured glass-beaded eyeglass chains. She continued her production line while working for Kris Ruhs, the renaissance man behind Corso Como 10 in Italy. Jeanne later received a postbaccalaureate certificate from School of Visual Arts for Art Education to teach in NJ and NYC, ages 3 to 13. 

After becoming a mother, she returned to the classroom where she earned a postbaccalaureate degree from Parsons School of Design. Her time at Parsons sparked her interest in space design and revitalized her love for creating, which led to years of working with private clients to realize their interior projects.

Jeanne continues to bring her keen eye for design to interior design projects while maintaining her studio practice. Her current medium is glass, producing one-of-a-kind vessels, art objects and large installation pieces.